Make. Sell. Repeat.

Online Shops for Designers and Makers.

Available Winter 2020

Built for
Small Businesses

If you're the maker of the product you're selling or involved in the production process, Tilishop is for you.

Emphasis on

Get done more, faster. TiliShop gets out of your way, so you can focus on your products and business.

We value everyone's

Your data is yours. Your customers' data is theirs. We'll never abuse or sell any information stored on our systems. Ever.

Be Indie,
Choose Indie

Small businesses are the future. They bring something special multinationals can't: a personal touch. We too are a small company.

What's to Expect?

  • Full blown shop

    You get unlimited products, many payment options, product videos, automated shipping… the lot.

  • Design tools

    Pick a beautiful template. Tweak it to match the style of your brand. All just with a few clicks.

  • Content management

    Dress your shop with additional pages, a blog or a lookbook. Get guidance from our built-in SEO tools.

  • Promotional tools

    Boost your sales with discounts. Offer free shipping and gift cards. Or start a promotional campaign.

  • Reliable Hosting

    Every shop gets 100GB of fast, secure hosting. And our servers run on 100% CO2 free, green energy.

  • Privacy & Portablility

    Your personal data is yours, we will never sell or abuse it. And if you leave us, you can take it along.

Ready to
Start your Shop?

Great, but wait! We are not ready yet. The plan is to launch in the winter of 2020. In the meantime, you can register below. You'll be one the first to get free early access.