Introducing TiliShop

27 August 2020 3 minute read

Online Shops for designers and makers. If you're involved in the production process of the products you're selling, TiliShop is for you.

That sums it up in a few sentences. But there is a lot more to it, of course. We’re not building yet another shopping cart. This is the result of more than half a decade of research. And fifteen years of hands-on experience building online shops. Not only for ourselves but for other makers, designers and small creative companies.

Introducing TiliShop

A little History

The first time we spoke about building TiliShop was roughly seven years ago. We created the branding, a name and a website. We were ready to start building. But then we realised we lacked fundamental expertise to build a strong product.

A bit of research would benefit the product. So we made the decision to postpone and gather more information.

A little lot of Research

Fast forward five years to December 2018. Finally, we felt ready to push ahead. We gathered the necessary funds. And learned a lot about the real needs of running a small online business.

In the meantime, we had worked together with goldsmiths, architects, furniture designers, industrial designers and an online printing company. We gained invaluable real-world insights.

Additionally, we experimented ourselves by launching various mini brands. We designed and produced a series of ceramic vessels. Set up an accessory line. Did a pop-up gallery for a year in Barcelona and created an art print shop.

What started as an intention to do a bit of research, ended up being five years of it. It took a lot more time than we anticipated, but TiliShop will be better for it. For sure.

Approaching Completion

Now, after two years of hard work, the product is almost ready. In a few months, we’ll start handing out free accounts to anyone interested.

These are exciting times for us. So much of our time and effort has gone into building a fabulous product. We can’t wait to show you.

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