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If you're a lover of large tables, you're in the right place. Here's an overview of TiliShop's features.

Shop features

Unlimited products Sell as many physical or digital products as you like.
Subscriptions Set up recurring payments for limited or ongoing subscriptions.
Bulk product editing Edit multiple properties of multiple products at once.
Product videos Bring products to life with an enticing video.
Customer accounts Customers can view previous orders, track open order and download invoices.
Guest checkout Allow your customers to check out without creating an account.
Checkout on your domain Your customers will stay on your shop during checkout.
Product pricing guard Track production costs and calculate a suggested retail price.
Payment gateways PayPal, Stripe and many more through Mollie (and even more are coming).
Automatic shipping calculation Have shipping prices calculated in real time.
Print shipping labels Labels are instantly available to download and print.
Show full prices in shop Allow your users to see prices including shipping and taxes right in your shop.
Powerful e-commerce insights View the history and lifecycle of any product, shopping cart or order.
Manual orders Create orders manually in case you sell through other channels.
Point of sale Process orders and accept payments in physical locations.

Promotional tools

Mailinglists Create a mailinglist and keep it in sync with Mailchimp or Mailjet.
Discount codes Global discount, limited use, limited timeframe, limited to products, limited to a customer, ...
Promotion campaigns Launch promotions around a product or a group of products.
Gift cards Sell pysical or downloadable gift cards straight from within your shop.
Sell on social networks Sell your products on social networks.


Website builder It's a bit like Lego™, simply drag and stack some blocks together.
Well-designed templates Start out with a template you like and make it completely your own.
Optimized for mobile Your shop looks and works great on every modern device at any screen size.
Access to html, css and javascript Invite a developer or be brave and tweak the frontend code yourself.


Multiple blogs You can have a blog and a news page. However you like it.
Unlimited pages Add informational pages, FAQ's, contact pages...
Lookbooks Ideal for virtual shop windows and showing products. Also great for work that is not on sale.
Built-in SEO tools Get tips and suggestions on how to improve your site for search engines.
Legal document generator Generate Policies and Terms and Conditions with a few clicks.


100% green energy Our servers run on green energy from a 100% CO2 free power source.
Free domain Use for as long as you stay with us.
Link your domain You can buy a domain name anywhere and link it to our servers. For paying customers only.
Free SSL certificate Makes sure your shop is always secure on https. Very important!
Unlimited bandwidth We don't impose limits. But we do uphold a generous fair use policy.
100GB storage Every shop gets 100GB of storage. Plenty of space to store all your images and videos.
CDN Makes your shop load super fast. Wherever your customers are located.


Analytics Web and e-commerce analytics are included.
Fraud detection All incoming orders are evaluated and given an indicative score.
Automatic tax Taxes based on the location and legal status of customers.
Friendly support Seriously, we're very friendly. :)

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